Joe Biden Presidential Campaign

Joe Biden Presidential Campaign


In Fall 2020 Tre Borden /Co. was commissioned to create several campaign spots for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. One of the published ads was shot on location in Sacramento and featured local landmarks and change makers throughout the region painting the picture of a more inclusive and hopeful future.  Another ad (and one of the best things Tre Borden has ever done in life) featured Tre Borden’s brother Linton Borden expressing his intent to vote for Joe Biden due to COVID frustrations I think anyone in this country can get behind. LOL!

Other ads featured found footage that makes the case that we as a country deserve more, and we deserve leaders who are serious about tackling this nation’s gravest problems and putting us back on track.  All videos were produced in partnership with Caravan Film Crews, Tre Borden /Co.’s longtime video production partner.

It was a surreal experience to be producing content for a presidential campaign, especially during a year like the last one, to say the least but we stepped up and are happy with the results!

We are proud to be part of a campaign that got Trump out of the White House, and we are committed to keep holding our leaders accountable, including now President Biden, to make sure the people who need it most have what they need to survive and thrive in this country.





Incite Studios
Joe Biden Presidential Campaign

Key Collaborators

Caravan Film Crews
Linton Borden
Jessa Ciel
Carlos Marquez
Dan Tran (Voiceover)
Tyler Whitmire

Special Shout Out

Amanda Rosa, who helped guide us through this foreign and scrutinized process, was our guardian angel. You the real MVP!

Fun Fact

The name of the adorable dog with the chain is Arnold and his instagram is @arnoldlovesme in case you're interested.


Jessa Ciel is not a medical physician.


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