Coming to Sacramento in Fall 2019: a food hall and open market concept will open in the Broadway Corridor community “ The Mill at Broadway” called The Market Club at The Mill. Within this concept will be Sacramento’s first urban, art-inspired mini-golf course called SacTown Putt. The course will be 14 holes and will be created by local artists or artist teams inspired by the many wonderful things that make the Sacramento community such a special place.
This art call is for three opportunities:

1). Four artist commissions to design a themed three-hole section of the course. This includes the putting green, any embellishments to the pre-fabricated hole structure and a central sculpture inspired by a Sacramento landmark or cultural touchstone.
2). A neon artist or contemporary sculptor to design an interactive installation for the 7th and 14th holes.
3). A muralist to paint a Sacramento-inspired realist mural on interior of Warehouse facing course.

The maximum award amount for each of the artist opportunities is $10,000.
This amount includes all costs related to the artist/team design and project management fees; all subcontract and consultant costs, fabricators, studio and overhead costs; fabrication, transportation, delivery, liability and insurance costs as required, and all other costs associated with the art project with the exception of on-site installation. Installation will be co-managed by Tre Borden /Co., SacTown Putt ownership and the project contractor in partnership with the selected artist teams.

SacTown Putt is a new business that seeks to provide an interactive, fun and creative experience for patrons of all ages that celebrate Sacramento. It will also showcase the creative local talent of the region and bring an artistic and design-focused sensibility to the sport of mini-golf. Successful submissions will highlight what the artist likes about the Sacramento community related to the theme(s) of the course sections they elect to design. While Sacramento landmarks, architectural and otherwise, serve as inspiration for each hole, the artists are encouraged to be creative in terms of how they interpret each theme. The goal is to provide a mini golf experience infused with the Sacramento spirit and executed with a cutting-edge creative practice. Each artist will work closely with the Creative Director, Tre Borden, as well as SacTownPutt ownership.
Each hole must prioritize durability and safety and use materials that are non-toxic and not harmful to patrons.

The course is 18 holes broken up into four sections of four holes each centered around a landmark and a theme. The sections will be designed and fabricated by one selected artist or artist team.
Each hole will be inspired by an aspect of Sacramento life falling into four sections: LIVE, WORK, PLAY, and DREAM. Each Section will center around an historic landmark exemplifying that section.
Holes 9 and 18 will be custom-made interactive sculptures that will be themed PAST and FUTURE, respectively.
The holes’ themes have been pre-determined by the Creative Director and SacTown Putt ownership. Any variation from pre-selected themes must be approved by the Creative Director and Ownership prior to execution.
A full list of course themes is available at the end of this call under COURSE GUIDE.

The competition is open to established professional artists with reviewable portfolios. Artist or artist teams must be California residents and must be at least 18 years old at time of submission. Applicants who wish to be considered for this project should have a proven ability to fabricate their own work or to work with fabricators.
The commissioned artist/team will be required to provide evidence of appropriate liability and workers compensation insurance if working on site.

The SacTown Putt owner and Tre Borden/Co. will review submittals and select up to 10 artists/teams to be short-listed for a final interview.
The criteria for short-list selection will be based upon:
• The initial proposal as it reflects the Project Intent as described in this document. Please
• Experience fabricating permanent artwork.
• References provided as part of this application which will be contacted prior to short-list selection.
• Complete application packet including clear and reasonable budget and timeline.
• Quality, strength, and artistic excellence of past work as demonstrated in the submitted application.
• Completion of other design commissions on a similar scale within the past 5
Short-listed candidates must prepare a proposed artwork concept for their project. This proposal shall include conceptual design drawings, sketches, written explanations and/or supporting materials sufficient to communicate the artist’s concept. It should describe the specifications for the artwork related to materials, size, weight, installation requirements, and maintenance guidelines.
The short-listed candidates must additionally appear in-person to present their proposals at before the Creative Director, SacTownPutt ownership and other panelists determined by SacTown Putt ownership.

Artists/teams interested in this project must prepare and submit the following:
1. Letter of Interest, no more than one page in length which explains your interest in the
project. Include in letter which of the three opportunities you are applying for: 1).COURSE SECTION, 2) or HOLES 7 and 14 or 3) MURAL. Artists can apply for as many of the opportunities as they please.
2. Artist Statement, no more than one page in length which describes your work.
3. Itemized budget for the project.
4. Current Resume. If submitting as a team, an individual resume should be submitted for
each team member. Include artist website if applicable.
5. Artist Bio
6. A list of at least three professional references familiar with your work and working
methods. This list must include complete addresses and telephone numbers.
7. Digital photos of your past work as it best represents related
projects. Submit a minimum of ten and a maximum of 15 digital images saved as JPEG
files. You must number and title each JPEG file and include a description
sheet with corresponding numbers that list the titles, dates, locations, media, and
dimensions of the works.
8. (Optional) Up to three selections of support materials such as reviews, news articles, or related information that supports your work.
Submit all materials via Email to [email protected]
Materials must be received by 10:00 p.m. February 10, 2019.

SacTown Putt is under no obligation to short-list any candidates or award a
commission for artwork based on the proposals submitted under this Call for Artists Request for Qualifications, the short-list process, or the final selection process.
SacTown Putt reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, wholly or in part, received by reason of this RFQ. All costs incurred by the consultant due to developing their proposal shall be borne by
the consultant.
This RFQ does not commit SacTown Putt to enter into a contract, nor does it obligate the Town to pay for any costs incurred in preparation and submission of proposals or in anticipation of a contract. SacTown Putt reserves the right to: Make the selection based on its sole discretion; Reject any and all proposals; Issue subsequent Requests for Proposals; Postpone opening proposals for its own convenience; Remedy errors in the Request for Proposals process; Approve or disapprove the use of particular subconsultants; Negotiate with any, all or none of the Proposers regarding project scope; Accept other than the lowest cost offer.