DPR Sacramento HQ

DPR Sacramento HQ


In September 2019 DPR Construction opened the doors to their newest regional office headquarters in Sacramento’s bustling Midtown neighborhood.  The state-of-the art offices exemplify the company’s commitment to sustainability and design, but they also wanted to integrate into the wider community which is home to the region’s creative class.  Tre Borden/Co was hired to commission 10 artists to design custom pieces of artwork, design features and furniture for the space.

The artist roster is a veritable who’s who of regional artists and designers.  The mass-timber (the first CLT build out in the state) of the interior provides a bright environment for the artwork, and the collaborative atmosphere encourages people to interact with each piece and learn more about the region in the process.

Living Seed Wall by Miridae Landscape Design

One of the highlights of the project is a collaborative piece spearheaded by Miridae Landscape Design, which reimagined a “green wall” into a living seed wall.  The piece brings together how native landscapes are found throughout the region from root to stem and in different ecological systems.  The piece features  a mural by Micah Crandall-Bear at the top, plant species are represented with etched glass designed by Miridae and fabricated by Dan Tran (another artist commissioned by DPR) and the roots were cnc routed out of wood and filled with the actual living seeds of each plant. Seeds are also available in packets with information at the wine bar so visitors and employees can find the species appropriate where they live and take them home to plant.  It is a perfect example of art, design, and sustainability and sets the mood for the entire office.

This piece, by Phil America, takes a commissioned poem and places lyrics around the building.

Mobiles by Brian Schmitt greet visitors overhead.

It was also important to reach the public, and so the commissions include an exterior mural by Raphael Delgado and a whimsical installation of bike racks that are a hit with the employees and passerby alike!

Bike racks by Thomas Ramey provide a moment of humor and whimsy for passerby and bikers.


A mural by Raphael Delgado features the quail which is the state bird of California.

The project debuted with an art opening in September 2019 where the artist assembled to explain their pieces and lead an artist tour around the project.


Art Consultant


DPR Construction - Sacramento Regional Office
Project Manager - Marshall Andrews
Regional Managert - Nils Blomquist


Phil America
Jessa Ciel
Micah Crandall-Bear
Raphael Delgado
Marc Foster
Dorian Lynde
Miridae Landscape Design (Design Leads - Kate Hayes and Billy Krimmel)
Brian Schmitt
Thomas Ramey
Dan Tran

Fun Fact

The poem ‘We Are Sacramento’ is found throughout the offices with different treatments. The poem was commissioned from Stan Padilla activist and artist from the Royal Chicano Air Force especially for this project.


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