ReImagine Mack Road

ReImagine Mack Road


TB/Co was hired by the Mack Road Partnership to help envision projects that could bring increased visibility and connectedness to the Mack Road/Valley High area. Historically one of Sacramento’s more troubled neighborhoods, it has emerged recently as a vibrant community with a compelling mix of ethnic diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. The Mack Road Foundation has been accelerating this positive movement through their community center and its many activities focused on health, academic achievement, and cultural resources. Working with Foundation TB/Co did extensive stakeholder outreach to see what momentum could be leveraged and how best to tell this new story of the Mack Road Neighborhood.

In Fall 2016 TB/Co hosted a series of town halls (two of which had interpreters on hand for Hmong and Spanish speakers) to ask the community what initiatives they might support and what they thought their community needed. The town halls were well-attended and the community was eager to give its feedback on what it knew would work for their priorities and to ensure a bright future for their children.  TB/Co then presented ideas to the Mack Road Partnership Board and hope to see them enacted very soon.


Strategic Consultant


Mack Road Partnership

Key Collaborators

Mack Road Foundation
Valley High School
School Board Member Mai Vang


In October of 2016, the ReIMAGINE Mack Road Partnership engaged Tre Borden Associates to build a community engagement plan and generate some innovative ideas to provide sustainable, community supported events in the Valley Hi and Mack Road areas. Tre and his team delivered and we couldn’t be happier with our outcomes. - Jenna Abbott, Executive Director of the Mack Road Partnership